• Before-Sale Service:

    The company keeps “customer is primary, reputation is superior” as our company’s mission, “Serious, patient, creative” as our service code.  We have build cooperation relationship with one of the largest internet commercials entity called “made-in-china.com” to ensure the satisfaction of customers.  The company has its own international trade department and hired many international trade specialists to provide better service.  In order to assist customer with any question they have, and follow ups about the order, Instant contact service is provided by our specialist through Made-In-China.com.  Meanwhile, the company has business relationship with several export portals in order to increase flexibility for customers as best as we can.
    The company has strong supply capacity that comes first on the list of forging industry.  It has a complete production process from raw material to semi-finished product which could reduce a big amount of cost and time consume for customers.  As the supporting company of local government, our company enjoy the preferential treatment of the government and has all kinds of documents for both national business and international business.
  • During-Sale Service:

    Our international sales specialist are capable for solving any question you have during your purchasing process. The company accept many payment terms include T/T, L/C and etc, and it provide several international trade terms include CIF & CFR and etc, so customer could select which one they are preferred. Sales specialists will response your order or inquiry within half of workday after receive the draw of request product, and according to your national division, you will have a specialist that representing the area for one-to-one service.
  • After-Sales Service:

    To make a better costumer experience, the sales specialist is responsible for providing after-sales service to their respective customer, it includes quality question of product, after-sales guild, and feedback collection. If you are experiencing a quality problem, please contact us as soon as possible, we will provide relative solutions for you.
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